SVE 19: Kuzmich at the Service of Mikhalych Map [Game Version 18/03/06]

Date April 12, 2018 14:15

This time, Kuzmich came to the aid of the General, who, according to his duty, was ordered to restore and repair defunct bunkers that are defending our vast country. But Mikhalych was faced with a problem: after they had rested with their inveterate campaign at Kuzmich’s forest land, then, in addition to being gloriously hunting a wild boar, so their misfortune happened to their Captain. Well, as a matter of fact – his Lyova shot him on the hunt in the fifth point, well, certainly not deliberately, but the fact remains that all plans of the General fall under the tail of a wild boar.
Well, after sitting a kind, warm evening at the common table, as it is customary on a fishing trip, Mihalych said how he cut off – “Kuzmich, I understand that you know one of these places from us.” To which Kuzmich answered – “Yes, of course I know.” Thus, even without suspecting, he appointed himself a new Captain. “Everyone to sleep, get up early in the morning.” The homeland must be saved. ”

Size: 1024 by 1024 meters.
On the map: 6 sawmills, 1 garage (closed), 1 refueling, 2 manual ones and one fellowship (arcade).
Machines: 4 start slots (replaceable), several support cars and 2 self-propelled ferries.

Recommendations for using the ferry:
1. file media.xml (in the archive) is required to keep the ferry on the water (cars are drowning).
2. To load the car on the ferry, bring it to the port until it stops, lower the ramp (key 4), while the ledge on the ramp should fall into the red rectangle of the port. It is not recommended to transport 2 heavy (laden) cars – there may be problems with managing the ferry!
3. The zone of safe navigation is limited to buoys, I do not advise you to “land” ashore in an unforeseen place – you will lose both the car and, possibly, the ferry!

In the incentive will not be due to some add. files required for the ferry!
Pleasant off-road!

Authors: Sinitsyn Vladislav (Vladislav)


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