Toyota Land Cruiser 100 v 1.0

Date March 4, 2019 15:55

What kind of car can be equally loved by fishermen – hunters, offroad riders, builders, oilmen, the United Nations (UN), private armies and terrorists? Of course, this should be something utilitarian, mega reliable and simple as a bolt, able to ride in the absence of any conditions, while being relatively comfortable and not expensive to maintain and repair. What could it be? Of course it is – Toyota Land Cruiser 100!

Features of the model:
1) High-quality HQ interior and exterior;
2) Correct landing of the driver, convenient game camera;
3) Conflict correctly configured;
4) The steering wheel, all as in the original cars;
5) The correct functionality of all optics;
6) A huge number of animations (especially in the cabin);
7) Original proportions of the car;



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