UAZ 469 Turbo (Multiplayer mod)

Date October 22, 2014 13:46


UAZ 469 Turbo Car for Multiplayer

This mod changes the default settings of the UAZ 469. Simple way that can be implemented in a network game

– Originally installed custom wheels
– On the choice of tuning multiple items
– Changed sound under the turbo
– Changed characteristics of terrain, power, the suspension, etc
– Model has an animation of the parts
– Model has own wheels
– Model has turbo sound
– Margin of safety is 320 units
– Fuel capacity is 160 units
– Model is able to transport passengers

Author: unknown


One Response to UAZ 469 Turbo (Multiplayer mod)

  1. Tomek

    chciałbym bardzo multiplayer i mam nadzieje że się uda :D

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