Ural 4320-0911-30 v 2.0

Date August 30, 2014 11:53


– Replaces ZIL
– Model has its own sound engine
– Model has an animation of the parts
– Model has its own wheels
– Model has its own configuration
– Model has advanced features
– Model can carry out transportation of cargoes
– Is the driver
– Margin of safety is 700 units
– Fuel capacity is 540 units
– Fuel consumption can reach up to 47 l/min

New in 2.0 version:
– Added a sedan “Watch”
– Added body side platform
– New load for flatbed platform in the form of boards
– New racks for trunks
– On the back of the tank, added the words “Flammable”
– Improved animation of the suspension
– Repainted the sliding platform (tow)
– Modified existing logs

Author: Bobble Gum


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