Ural 4320-3111-78 V 1.2

Date February 20, 2018 22:37

Ural 4320-3111-78 Truck Mod for Spintires: MudRunner

The caravan: the addon which is put in a body, allows to carry short logs, there is an arrow with capture for their loading. Points 3 + 3.
Platform: carries 6 points, canister with fuel for 50 liters and 100 repair points.
Storing: This dong looks like a wheel and cans that are located behind the cab. They carry 50 liters of fuel and 100 repair points.
There are also addons for trailers and logs for the transport of logs. Also carry the glasses.

Made a complete animation of the body, suspension, engine, when a blow about some barrier shakes the mirror, there is a view from the cabin with a very good detail of the cabin, working rotary fists and a bar.

Replaces the UAZ
Works in multiplayer
The truck can be moved to any place on the map
After you used all the repair points installed on the URAL reserve and the tank disappears from it along with all the boxes.

– have 5 addons + default addons
– suspension, cardan animations
– Animation of steering, doors, hood, trunk
– frames
– The view from the cabin
– nothing replaces
– the model has animation parts
– model gets dirty
– the model has own wheels
– the model has own sound
– the model has own configuration
– working lights
– present the driver
– present all-wheel drive
– present own load
– model far away looks like up close
– replace UAZ 469

Changes in v1.2:
I added a semi-trailer for the test.
-posts leave automatically (there is a plus and minus in the game)
-increased the camera in the cabin on the truck

Plus, when you hit, lose, uncouple the semitrailer, the supports come out, you can safely drive up and pick it up again.
“Minus” during loading out the supports and it is necessary to unhook the trailer and pick it up (so in the game it is now done)

Den Huan


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