Ural Pack FINAL version

Date September 17, 2019 11:27

– Ural 43206 “Hunter” redesigned box, and so everything remained standard
– The Urals 5453-4320-50m redesigned suspension, box and add-ons are slightly shifted
– The Urals 44202-0511-41 redesigned the box and the suspension has slightly reduced engine power
– To the Urals 5453-4320-50m added one trailer for 4 loading points
– Slightly moved cabin in the salons
– The add-ons have been rewritten now they are readable

The Pack includes:
– Ural 43206 “Hunter” – the lightest in the family of off-road Urals 4320, an excellent reconnaissance officer, practically not inferior in cross-country ability to its older brothers – triaxial vehicles. It has its own board, kung, tank, can carry 2 of its cargo points to carry default trailers, a field kitchen from the Lawn Zadka, a mini-trailer from Pak Kamaz. There is a small easter egg in the kung.
– Ural 5453-4320-50m – an elongated base, can be either a timber truck or an airborne one. It has its own sortimentovoz with KMU, a board with KMU, a tanker, a repair kung, a shift. Carries 2-3-4-6-7 points of your cargo.
– Ural 44202-0511-41 – an all-wheel drive tractor with a berth. Designed for transporting semitrailers. It has its own semitrailers: onboard 4 points, a carrier locomotive 4-6 points of cargo. Uses semi-trailers with Muzden Trailers pack, tank with Kamaz pack.
– Ural 4320-1110-41 – a 4320 chassis with a winch, some analogue of the default “certified” 432010. It has both default (ideal for starting fashion cards) and its add-ons.

Final Version:
* Changed Truck speed
* Reduced engine power
* Reduced wheel turning speed
* New name for add-ons
* Now all add-ons are loaded



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