Work Map v 1.0.1

Date October 7, 2019 15:19

Young businessman taking a loan and bought a sawmill. But to start the full-fledged work of the sawmill, you need to purchase wood and all the necessary equipment for its transportation. Having considered what time it all comes out, he decides to save as much as possible. The forest is very far away, all the equipment is on lease. You, as the next driver, need to get to the skidder and loader at the leased MAZs, load them in the scoops and go behind the wagons. Further, having reached the site (garage), you need to sit on the skidder and go to the felling through the forest. Having loaded you go to the platform (garage), there you overload the round timber at MAZ with a loader (change the addon from the scoop to a suitable one for the forest points). Well, finally, take him to the sawmill.
There are mods: “Early Snow 2”, all the equipment present on the map.
Make file reserves, the Early Snow mod makes all maps winter.

Vitek from Altai


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