ZAZ 968M Blind Chornobylets

Date March 2, 2018 15:06

ZAZ 968M Blind Chornobylets Car Mod for Spintires: MudRunner

At one time this machine was an ordinary static object at the beginning of the game Stalker, and then in Spintires. And finally, in MudRunner we “revived” it – now the “dead” ZAZik full-fledged SUV, but only without the headlights (they are broken), without the glass with the ever-dangling wheel, etc.

Mod has:
4 of its add-on + 1 default.
Can carry your cargo (sacks with beets or potatoes – fantasize as you want 4 points.
Tried to convey the real physical parameters: only rear-wheel drive, independent suspension, realistic weight, etc.

The differential is always blocked (two wheels are rear), the wheels have off-road (increased) throughput – it was necessary to do so that the machine well overcomes the dirt.
ZAZ has a good passableness, but within reasonable limits, all the same do not forget that this is a light car, and even a non-wheel drive.

Bogelman Dmitry (Bogelma)


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