ZIL 130 with all Trailers and Addons v 1.0

Date June 19, 2014 11:04


Added all the attachments/addons and the trailers to the ZIL
2 different version available

– Simply put the “Media” folder from the zip file into your “Spintires” folder and replace files when asked

Version 1.0:
– Added all attachments/addons available from the other trucks and repositioned everything to fit the ZIL as good as possible
– Added all Trailers
– Engine, Gearing changed to give it more power in a realistic way
– Added all wheels types
– Raised suspension a little
– Added winchpoints on the sides of the ZIL and on the crane grap
– Added more damage and fuel capacity
– Added all Wheel Drive option
– Short logs can also be used with the Crane cart and Log cart

Author: Anders Ørum

DOWNLOAD 15 KB ZIL 130 with all Trailers and Addons Standart Engine
DOWNLOAD 15 KB ZIL 130 with all Trailers and Addons Tuned Engine

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