ZIL Pack v 2.0

Date March 16, 2018 12:55

Game version: 18/01/29

Mod Pack ZiLov version 2.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18)
A small pack on the theme of ZiL-130. All the addons are made by me, and ZiL himself is a complete reworking of the general ZiL.

ZiL-130 has 12 of its addons;
ZiL-130V has 11 of its add-ons;
ZiL-133G2 has 11 of its addons;
ZI-133 has 11 of its add-ons;

Everyone has:
– various animations;
– your load.

Pak ZiLov high-quality 3d models and textures, can hang up the game on user maps.

Version 2.0:
* Added animation of the cockpit, steering wheel and balance bar
* Added unpretentious view from the cabin
* Added a couple of add-ons that affect the exterior
* Also, another model of ZiLa-133GY was added

Vladimir Vysoky


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