Dynamic Load for Auto Transporters, Trawls, Tow Trucks v 1.0

Date March 4, 2019 15:49

“Live” mobile loads for lovers of haul on trawls, tow trucks, car transporters.

In fact, these are defaulted cars with loading points written in them. Characteristics are trimmed to a minimum, so that there is no desire to drive on these cargo vehicles. Put such a “load” when choosing a wheelbarrow or compare prog. At the logging site, load glasses into these cars, and drive them to the trawl for example. Such a load is more realistic compared to the same static load. It sways, falls, and sometimes, for example, you can drive such a load in the form of a K700 and help the main body get out of the mud. It all depends on your imagination.

In this PAK – UAZ 469, Luaz, YuMZ-6, Chevrolet Blazer, Hummer H1, Ford F-150, Fredliner, Kraz 260, K-700, Skidder K8400, Maz 538. All of this cargo with lowered characteristics. Presence of all DLC is desirable.



Kolyma Map v 0.9

Date March 4, 2019 15:47

The map is presented in two versions: multiplayer “Kolyma” and single “Kolyma single”.

You have to carry firewood in mountainous terrain, dissected by fast rivers and streams. The only “normal” road here runs from one side of the river to the other, and has a long pressure along one of the steep banks. The road along the coast is winding and quite dangerous, and all detours are very rocky. Some roads (“directions” XD) are hidden and not visible on the map.

But before we deliver the cargo to the power-saw benches, we will have to repair the dilapidated bridges on the rivers: there are only three of them, and repairing requires average logs, in the amount of 6 pieces (multiplayer) or 3 pieces (single player) for each bridge. How to repair bridges – take logs to destinations, well, in general, that’s all. Have a good trip!

TO READ THE BRIDGE, load into the grooves of the bridge 6 (multiplayer) or 3 (single player) MEDIUM logs, “enter” into the bridge like a truck, “start” it. When you enter the “functions” and see the green dots on the logs – load them. And a bridge will appear.

The bridge can be passed to each other – by unloading and transferring the corresponding logs.

Total on the map:
a lot of exploration in the mountains
4 power-saw benches (3 in single),
2 refueling,
closed garage
5 points of garage parts,
two loading points
1 autoloading,
just logs
random logs (closer on the road if you are lucky).
4 cars at the start, 11 points of balance.

Dmitry Shuleyko (dmitriy1815)


Rancho Montaño Map v 03/01/19

Date March 4, 2019 15:45

Montaño Ranch (Rancho Montaño) is a logging map for MudRunner in the American West.

The Montaño Ranch is a fictional site resembling hills and mountains around the Santa Clara Valley in California. The landscape includes flat fields, bare foothills and forested mountains.

You start with MZKT-7429 with everything you need to unlock your first garage. If you like a challenge, replace this starter truck with something smaller and look for garage trailers on the map.

The card supports arcade or simulator mode, solo or multiplayer. Depending on your level of difficulty and the choice of the starting truck, filling the card alone takes 2-8 hours.

To start the card requires the presence of 3 DLC: Valley, Ridge and American Wilds.

On the map:
– 1 garage (closed);
– 1 fuel station;
– 5 points of intelligence;
– 2 logging + 1 loading point + 8 random loading points;
– 5 sawmills;
– 9 cars + 1 slot for cars (replaceable).

Size: 1024 by 1024 meters.



Kraz 7140

Date May 16, 2018 12:09

KrAZ H30.1E or KrAZ 7140H6 – SUV 8×6 is produced at the KrAZ plant in Ukraine. It was first introduced in 2004. KrAZ H30.1E is equipped with a YaMZ-6581.10 engine with a power of 400-420 hp, a YaMZ-184 coupling and a YaMZ-2391 manual transmission.

– for 6 of their add-ons + 9 standard
– your cargo
– good cross-country ability

* Added 2 kinds of their cargoes to the shaland, now it transports 2.4.8 points.

Authors: Maks_33rus


Kamaz 65111

Date May 16, 2018 12:07

Mod contains 2 versions of the truck, differing in color of the cab and differentials (red is always blocked, blue can be unlocked)

-At 4 add-ons + 8 standard ones.
– your sound
– view from the cockpit

* Cargo changed by car (visually)
* Short logs are changed to medium logs – on a platform

Authors: Maks_33rus


Tatra Phoenix

Date May 16, 2018 12:05

Envelope TATRA Phoenix Agro from version 03.03.16 from garminbreak
It has 2 versions of the truck, 6 of its addons + 18 standard, its own sound.

* Added 2 kinds of their cargoes to the shaland, now it transports 2.4.8 points.

Authors: Maks_33rus


Red Texture for TLT 100

Date May 16, 2018 12:03

The red color for the TLT-100 “Oneginz”

– Unpack with the replacement files from the folder Media in the folder with the mod
– Clean the texture cache (Or run the file Clear CACH textures STMR.bat from the archive)

Authors: Silent


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