Yeahbuddy F150 Ultimate v 1.0

Date April 19, 2021 13:40

I redid all the gearing, suspension, leds, I spent over two months getting the suspension tuned for a smooth ride. This version has a hitch and 5th wheel attachment.

Made Vanilla versions, Tow version and Over power choices. Has bed junk for repairs and can tow anything now. This is a mod, I understand this mod is not for everyone I will be making another tire selection that is more vanilla in an update, just wanted others to enjoy in the meantime. Again negative commets and people that like to complain no need to download if you dont like it or complain in the chat. Lets all be positive people here, and more will come.



2021 DnD Taco Pro v 1.0

Date April 19, 2021 13:39

Designed by the gurus at the DnD Modding Team, the 2021 DnD Taco Pro is outfitted with specially engineered parts and accessories so you can take on the world’s gnarliest terrain. It’s time to get out there and tackle your next big adventure.

2021 DnD Taco Pro Highlights:
– Crawler Suspension / Transmission available to help you get through some of the most brutal off road journeys ensuring no obstacle is where your journey ends.
– Unique Trail Camera to help you tackle the road right in front of you, displayed conveniently in the head unit of your Multi Media Centre so you can make a “game plan” as you trek through the swamps, or hills.
– FOX Suspension sets for a little lift, or a more tolerant suspension set for the occasional towing.
– 3 Engine Options geared to ensure you can get the job done, or make it further than you ever imagined before with realisticly tuned fuel consumption thoroughly tested by the engineers of this mod.
– Multiple Tire & Wheel Options for any adventure
– Side Steps, a tool box… whatever you need, you can get it along with many other upgrades to allow you to remain full in control of your new Taco.

Thanks to:
AltCanadian (BA2017) for the model and a little XML work.
NitroScot & TnB_BigDubz for rims/tires.
RafaTGG for the brilliant tuning of the Crawler Suspension & Transmission
The MANY TESTERS… too numerous to mention. You guys are all legends. Thank you

Engine: Taco Certified (Stock, Upgraded, TRD PRO)
Gearbox: Taco Pro Crawler w/ Manual Gear, Taco Highway, Taco Pro Fine Tuned Off Road, Taco Pro Off Road Non Tuned, Taco Stock
Suspension: RCLT HD for Crawling, Taco FOX Balanced, Taco Pro Suspension, Taco PRO LIFTED Fox Sport
Winch: Stock Scout, Autonomous Scout, Autonomous Scout Extended
Tires: Selection of authentic off-road and mud tires.
Diff. Lock: Installed
Frame Addons: Fuel & Spare Wheel, Fuel, Trunk Supplies, Taco Pro Roll Bar, Roll Bar, Pick n Shovel, Toolbox, Trunk Supplies

Roof Top: N/A
Bumpers: Taco Front Off Road Bumper.
Misc: Taco Pro Side Steps, Side Steps, Scout Trailer Hitch.
Exhaust: N/A
Rims: Selection of authentic rims.
Dashboard Full working gauges will high attention to details as should be expected from my mods.

Full selection of colour options texturized to provide an authentic truck that’s not just fresh out of the “dealer”.

Interior Customization
Bubbleheads. Custom cards



R&R Customs 8000 Series v 1.0

Date April 19, 2021 13:25

I present the R&R 8000 Series. A vigorous 8×8 that can handle anything and everything. Suited for offload conditions to get any task done.

Standard Tuning Layout (for ease of tuning):
V: Vanilla Values. Expect Vanilla Performance.
R: Standard Rated Mod.
OP: Obviously, OP. Use with Caution. Please.



2020 Roamer v 0.5.2

Date March 10, 2021 17:29

Model from XoFroggy, game files as well (Tweaking done by myself) (ALL PERMISSIONS GRANTED from XoFroggy)

Debaged for console use, i will continue to tweak this to my liking in the future updates, mr. frog did a good job im going to make it have more balanced options

Future updates: redone interior textures, working gauges, more wheels,more addons, bug fixes as they arise



Tatra Pack v 1.0

Date March 10, 2021 17:26

All close to default and all default addons
Original: wheels, sounds, addons, engines and gearboxes, colors
Own icons, small animations



Dearborn Model H Rum Runner v 1.2

Date March 10, 2021 17:23

The Dearborn Model H Rum Runner is a custom rig by Hashwelder. It has a solid rear axle and independent front suspension. 13 color variations. Tires from modders: Poghrim, TnB BigDubz420, Quasi and Myself.

The truck can be converted into 4 different truck types with 7 different suspension sets:
Crawler – susp sets (Crawler, Crawler high, Crawler Super High)
Towing – susp sets (Towing High, Towing Super High) EQUIP ADDON TOWING PACKAGE FOR TRAILER TOWING
Rescue – susp set (Rescue) FOR USE WITH MINICRANE AND HASHWELDERS RESCUE RIG TIRES ONLY *remove bed and tailgate and equip engine 1100 CID GAA 18L V8*
Monster – susp set (Hashwelders Monster) ONLY SET QUASI TIRES ARE USEABLE WITHOUT CLIPPING

3 different gearboxes:
Stock 5-speed manual with 4-high and 4-low. (basically low+ is the only one not active)
7-speed auto highway gearbox. (only Auto, Neutral and Reverse active)
4-speed manual off-road crawler gearbox. (all gears active with 4-speed)

4 different engines:
5.0 Edelbrock Coyote V8
Super-charged 5.4L V8
534 CID Ford Super Duty V8
1100 CID GAA 18L V8

several addons and more coming:
Bed (default)
Tailgate (default)
Bed rails
Front Bumper
Roof Stuff
Bed Stuff
Snorkel Left
Snorkel Right
Spare Tire
Tow Package



Type B-601 v 1.0

Date March 10, 2021 17:20

Type B-601 mirq is a small offroad truck with an army past. Comes with 1-cargo place flatbed and other custom addons, tuning, wheels, sound. Also open for some default addons, trailers, cosmetic. This truck has almost no advantages and any regular truck in this class can beat him. Anyway you may find it nice looking and fun to drive.



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