[Snowrunner] – CAT 745C v 4.9

Date May 27, 2020 13:51

It can steer the front and rear axles while the middle axle remains straight.
Removed Chassis Steering
Always differential lock
Only middle axle as torque with AWD off
Two new add-ons, Water Tank and Log Carriage

This mod should work by subscribing and should’t require manual installation.
You can still use manual installation if you want.



[Snowrunner] – Emil’s International Transtar 4070A v 1.0

Date May 27, 2020 13:49

Emil’s International Transtar 4070A should work with subscribe and enabling in mods section, no need for manual installation.
It is a new car that you’ll find in your truck store, everything is unlocked and the price should be 1.

List of upgrades and available options:
– Always AWD
– Always difflock
– 7 New engines
– New gearbox with 8 auto gears, 3 low gears and 1 high gear
– New winch with maximum length and strength. Offline winch that work without the engine running
– Higher steering angle and better steering
– Several raising options
– New spare tire with 1000L fuel, 10000 repairs and 1000 wheel repairs
– Added support for Scout trailers
– Added all wheels in different dimensions and with different offsets
– Option to remove front bumper
– Option to remove rear fender
– Support for all addons, Big cranes, minicranes, flatbed, oiltank, watertank, seismic and so on

Please let me know if you find any issues or request addional mods.

Constructive comments are welcome, if not, please keep it to yourself. Unconstructive comments will be deleted.
I put a lot of effort in making mods for all of you, it takes time, so please appreciate my work or don’t use it.



[Snowrunner] – Scout Fuel Trailer for Trucks v 0.9.1

Date May 27, 2020 13:46

For when you do not to haul 2000 extra liters of fuel behind your truck. This version can only be towed by trucks, not by scout vehicles.

This version is a bit higher and wider so it fits a bit better behind a truck, and as a small visual clue that it is the truck trailer.



[Snowrunner] – Rear Crane and New Vehicle Add-ons v 1.1.8

Date May 27, 2020 13:43

All .xml edits are done by me. No new textures or meshes are included. These are all in game resources.

I have tested this mod to make sure there are no add-on and trailer collision issues, however, some very small sacrifices had to be made for functionality. In order to allow for more room for add-ons on the truck frames, I have forgone the use of the cabin protector in most cases except during the use of 5th wheel hitches. The Russian crane is now used on almost every truck due to it’s compactness and ease of mounting position. When loading metal planks onto the flatbed with the crane mounted on the rear, you’ll notice that the cargo cannot be positioned properly on the bed, however, it is still able to be packed, unpacked and unloaded. Also, in order to offset the weight of the crane being moved to the rear of the trucks, I have reworked the suspension. I never liked how stiff of a ride the trucks were. Now they have a little more suspension flex and travel. This should make the ride easier on and off road. A couple of suspension upgrades have been added to assorted trucks.

I debated whether to add my scout vehicle modifications, but I noticed that most people were using their own suspension settings for the vehicles they liked. If it is requested enough, I will upload reworked scout vehicles to include the ability to haul medium sized trailers, have more repair and fuel add-ons (depending on the vehicle) and sensibly upgraded wheel choices.

Lastly, I fixed a couple of nitpicks I had with the winch sockets not lining up with the trailer tongues, added diff-lock to the Royal BM17, and improved the power and reach of the Russian mini crane.

The latest update implements custom truck names to differentiate my modded trucks from others in the store. You will see my logo, “JjJ” at the end of the truck name now.

***I’ve included a manual install only option for those that want to use the files as they see fit. Replace game files at your own risk and always back them up first.**



[Snowrunner] – CAT Mega Tow 700 v 1.2

Date May 27, 2020 13:40

I modified the Caterpillar CT680 because for 1 the rear suspension was at 0. C’mon devs…
This is what I think the truck should be like in game. It’s not OP. Works on 4.1
I have changed lots But I’m no modder just a tweaker ha. Don’t flame me too hard.

More responsive steering
Added suspension damping
Fixed right height (bonus portal rear axles lol)
Fixed tire/axle widths
50″ heavy off road mud tire
Added Handbrake to front axle
Removed high saddle (Not a prime mover)
Realistic 60 gallon fuel tanks for 120 gal / 455 liters of fuel capacity
Probably more that I don’t remember…

Plan to make mini crane and cabin protector available at the same time
Matching flatbed trailer to come

*Note: I have modified my own; Engines, Gearboxes, Winches, Addons. None are included.



[Snowrunner] – Off-Road Trailers v 1.1

Date May 27, 2020 13:38

I will add more trailers as updates to this “mod” as I make them. You could also rename them back to original to replace vanilla trailers so they’re used natively in game? That’s up to you.

I don’t know how to move the axle ok? But it isn’t visually distracting either. The mud flaps kinda block the rear view.

The main thing is that it drives much better!
If someone knows how to make the trailer jacks extend further send help!
I think this is working as subscribe. Let me know. Can manually install in the mod.io folder as well.



[Snowrunner] – Big Assembly of Mods v 1.0

Date May 27, 2020 13:36

The amount of dirt, the number of particles is increased.
Removed the night, a little more rainfall.
Engines became 25% more powerful (Fixed engine for TwinSteer, stock was more powerful than top engine)
Fuel values ​​slightly increased for all types.
The evacuation button has been removed. (Made a mod separately without this feature)
In the store you can buy everything at once.
A heavy 3-cell trailer now carries 4 cargo cells.
TwinSteer: got AWD and rear steering wheels.
Khan (Loaf), Tuz (Gas 69) and Don: the suspension is raised, wheels are shared up to 41 diameters.
Scout 800, Hammer, Chevrolet: the suspension is raised and the wheels are shared up to 41 diameters.
Wheels for all rubber are lowered (Visually)
The characteristics of the clutch of the wheels are fixed, for stock rubber slightly increased. Wheels with chains also increased mud patency. Fixed clutch of road wheels for scouts on asphalt.

Download the archive with the mod.
Go to the repository: SnowRunner en_us preload paks client
Find the initial.pak file, save it separately in an unchanged state. (Backup)
Open the file using win.rar, also open the mod file and transfer the files from the archive with the mod to the corresponding initial.pak files
The archive is repackaged and you can safely close it.

Multiplayer in this assembly works in one case, if both players have this mod.



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